3CX V15 Remote Cisco Provisioning

This is a technical blog post, we recently moved over some clients to OVH 3CX v15 using Debian but found Cisco phones just would not provision remotely. I figured out what has changed on the new version and worked out a solution.

What I found

-Even though Phones such as Cisco 504G support STUN, it was removed from the provisioning template on 3CX v15. Why, Not my place to say, I have found some of the newer versions of 3CX seem to be going backwords in terms of removing 2 features and adding 1.

-Cisco phones cannot be provisioned via HTTPS, but I cant say for certain on this one.

-New 3CX v15 creates provisioning files on the fly, previous versions created the file once and it stayed static.

Install/Configure Proftpd on Debian

Open Putty connection to your Debian Server

# apt-get install proftpd

Choose Standalone

Creating FTP user

# adduser USERNAME

Enter new password for the user which will be used for FTP, ensure its secure.

Modifying NGinx Firewall to allow your IP through via HTTP

First you need to alter permissions on the NGinx file to be modified, you will use FTP to modify the file and send it back, you will need to add the PUBLIC static IP in which your phones will be installed. From what I have calculated Cisco phones cannot be provisioned via HTTPS link so you essentially your public IP needs to be added to the trusted HTTP list on Nginx so it can be provisioned by that address.

# cd /var/lib/3cxpbx/Bin/nginx/conf

chmod 777 nginx.conf

Now navigate to the same location using fileZilla or any other FTP client. Copy the file to your PC and use notepad to modify it. Add your PUBLIC IP where your phones are plugged into, don’t forget the ; at the end. This will be at the top of the document.


Save the file and copy it back via FTP and overwrite the original

Use putty to set permissions back to previously.

# chmod 744 nginx.conf

Copy V14 3CX Cisco Provisioning template to V15

Go to settings on 3CX, Templates copy the existing cisco.ph.xml file to new CISCOv14 and hit save.

Replace the contents of that XML with the one attached. ciscov14Template

Provision your phone as STUN, 3cx-cisco-15-provisioning

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