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We know how important your data is, and backing up and securing it on hard drives and tapes can be time consuming and expensive.

Flexible, secure, reliable and affordable - it's little wonder more and more SMEs are transferring to the cloud. Using our state of the art servers, we are able to offer a service that meets all you needs - whether it be storing, sharing or other apps - the cloud provides a perfect solution that is faster and more reliable than your more traditional storage methods.

The cloud is perfect for:

Collaboration  - it's easy for everyone in your team to access and alter information, from anywhere around the world

Data Recovery - when disaster strikes, businesses that use the cloud are able to recover on average 4 times quicker than those who don't.

Working from Anywhere - the cloud is always there, whether you're in the office, on the train, or in-fact, anywhere at all with an internet connection!

Security - losing a laptop or a memory stick with important data on can be a costly mistake to make, but with cloud technologies, that fear is gone - your data is always there.

Sona IT has been outstanding from providing hardware to supporting us with all of our IT issues. We recently had an issue with a virus which encrypted all of our company data and left us in a state where we were unable to work. Sona IT were quick to respond and recovered our data.

Vasanti Patel,,
Crossville Developments Limited


We know how important your data is, and backing up and securing it on hard drives and tapes can be time consuming and expensive.

Microsoft recommends Hosted Exchange for SMBs. We believe this is the most cost effective method for hosting email.


Cost- Onsite exchange is expensive to maintain and manage. More and more SMEs are switching to cloud exchange providers.

Accessibility- Hosted exchange lives in the cloud. Which means you can use the service on multiple devices from anywhere in the world.

Updates and maintenance- With hosted exchange you don’t have to worry about security patches or updates. It’s all maintained by the service provider.

SLA- Service has a 99.9% service level agreement



Sona IT is able to offer a fully hosted desktop solution. A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a user interface that connects to applications and data that are stored on a cloud providers servers rather than on users physical computer.

Advantages of hosted desktop:

  • Ability to work from multiple locations

  • Reduce spend on updating desktop hardware

  • No dependency on office location, you can work from anywhere

  • Simplified disaster recovery


What is server virtualization? It is defined as “the ability to host multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform”.

It replaces the need to house multiple servers and allows you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine.

Benefits Include:

Saving costs- Costs savings can be made on hardware, maintenance and even licensing.  One physical server replaces multiple ones, reducing the cost of maintenance.

Increasing efficiencies- Industry figures suggest that in a physical server environment a server is only using 10% of its potential. Virtualisation allows us to utilise more of the hardware resources.
Power consumption is also reduced as less physical servers are required. This helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Saving space- Freeing up space up in the office allows you to utilise your space more effectively.

Highly scalable- Allowing you to add additional virtual servers to your business without the need for additional hardware.


Everywhere you turn, information security is at the forefront of concern in the public and private sectors. This concern is prevalent in the growing demand for IT security products and services to protect sensitive customer and corporate data.

Simple to set up, easy to use and delivering advanced protection, cloud services are enabling organisations to move their IT/data infrastructure and services off-site and on to a remote (hosted) service.

  • Cloud Anti-virus Management

  • Web based deployment technology

  • Hands-Off Technology

  • Global real-time reporting

  • Policy management

  • Fastest threat response


  • IT Services
    • Professional Support
    • Security and 24/7 monitoring
    • Managed email service
    • Vendor management
    • Remote Access
    • Office moves
    • Project consultancy
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  • Cloud Services
    • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
    • Hosted Virtual desktops
    • Server Virtualisation
    • Hosted VoIP
    • Cloud Based Data Storage
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  • Business Continuity
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Data Mirroring and offsite backup
    • Cloud managed Anti-Virus
    • Security and monitoring
    • PC and Server management
    • VPN and remote access
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  • Structured Voice & Data cabling
    • Structured cabling
    • Voice cabling
    • Infrastructure
    • Data Centre design and implementation
    • Data / Server cabinet design and installation
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  • CCTV
    • Internal and external surveillance.
    • Pan, tilt and zoom
    • Recording and remote monitoring via tablets or mobile phones
    • Motion or alarm activated
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  • Telecoms
    • Single analogue line
    • VoIP lines
    • Hosted VoIP Phone system
    • IP PBX Telephone systems
    • Digital ISDN lines
    • Broadband
    • SDSL business lines
    • Leased lines
    • FTTC (BT infinity)
    • Secure site-to-site VPN
    • Voice Cabling
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  • Reliable - We know how demanding running a business can be; we take the stress out of IT
  • Fast - Being there when you need us is critical; we will respond swiftly when you need us
  • Friendly - Exceptional customer service, highly professional with a friendly approach
  • Experienced - We have in-depth knowledge in a variety of technologies and IT systems
  • Qualified - We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest technologies

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