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This is a technical blog post, we recently moved over some clients to OVH 3CX v15 using Debian but found Cisco phones just would not provision remotely. I figured out what has changed on the new version and worked out a solution. What I found -Even though Phones such as...

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V15 is marking a huge success! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our resellers and end users both in regards to the new functionalities but also about the new redesigned Dashboard and Windows client. And now we’re releasing SP1 of V15 already, all this in less than a...

blog author sonait

Wi-Fi is such a big part of all our lives, we expect to find it wherever we go. 4G technology has come so far but is only really benefited users who have a data plan with their service provider. Most consumers tend to purchase a data plan for the country...

blog author sonait

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